By:Aviella_Aviella Title:listen! Listen! I am in a tight place Though sometimes it feels like the right place. I feel the life around me swallowing itself up gradually Am I living or being lived??? Do I know anything at all? You say my life is a sham deep down I am ashamed to be me-and you never see it cos I act like I am in … Continue reading Listen

Free Me

This is my independence. I’m breaking the locks and gaining freedom, I’m freed of my demons because I’m riding into His kingdom. Wait, am I truly free? When I’m the jailer bringing my city grief. From the earth our stars were to shine bright But how could we when they stole our rights. Wait, are they now? When we all want a piece of our … Continue reading Free Me

Tick Tock

Time is life that will always tick He speaks his judgement but will never talk Time will watch you get hurt and heal you later if permitted, he’s our long term surgeon The beauty of light and darkness cannot be revealed without his sanction He gives rest to the weary and blesses the laborer But make no mistake, for time is neutral, he’s no man’s … Continue reading Tick Tock